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This is Nucleus.

noun: The central and most important part of an object, movement, or group that forms the basis for its development. Or in this case, the versatile HubSpot CMS theme that lets you build high-performance, high-converting websites in days, not months.

How to get Nucleus

Key features

Why choose Nucleus?

Here's what makes the theme stand out:



Modular design means easy customisation, and pre-defined templates mean rapid site builds.


Ease of use

Every template and module is drag-and-drop compatible, making it possible to build complex pages intuitively.


Developer-free customisation

Nucleus is fully customisable without the need for custom code interventions. Our in-house developer thinks that's great.


Modern design

Whether you're a Mondrian, a Pollock or somewhere in between, Nucleus is a blank canvas with a modern frame.



Nucleus scales smoothly across all mobile and tablet devices. It's designed to be a great user experience on everything.


Cross-browser support

Optimised to perform in every modern browser, so visitors get the same experience no matter where they've found you. 

What makes our theme so flexible?

The features that help Nucleus perform website gymnastics. 


22 versatile modules

From LEGO to expensive sofas, modular design is popular for a reason: it's easy to customise. We've already created 20 distinct modules to ensure the site you imagined and the site you end up with look exactly the same. We'll be building even more soon.


Head start

Pre-defined templates

Rome wasn't built in a day, but they didn't have Nucleus back then. We've created templates for the most common pages (think homepages, 'about us' pages, etc.) so you can create a custom site in hours.



Granular editing experience


Nucleus in the wild

Who's using Nucleus

(and why)

Articulate Marketing (us!)

We needed to act fast when Google's Core Web Vitals became a ranking factor, or our site's SEO would have been in trouble. Nucleus brought our backend in line with the update, and our site's performance rocketed.



The Ambassador Platform connects student ambassadors with prospective students in a modern, meaningful way. They needed to update their website to align with a major rebrand, and Nucleus made it happen.



Tussell helps businesses gain an insight into the public sector. When a tricky migration dented their site's usability, they used Nucleus to replicate it - this time with an organised, optimised, responsive backend. 


Did we cell you on it?

If we haven't alienated you with that pun, get in touch to learn more about Nucleus.

How to get Nucleus