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Meet the modules

Kick your pages off with a bang.

A vertical banner module with a rich text title, maximum width slider, 'XL title size' option, CTA button repeater field and an optional image. It's a banner with bells and whistles.

How to get Nucleus

Card row

This one is available in two different styles, with three different column width configurations. There's space for an image, rich text content and a button on each, making them perfect for teasing content and feature pages on your site.

To make life easy, cards will automatically wrap onto a new line as you add them to the row.


Pick a card

In much the same way that Nucleus is fully customisable, we're leaving the choices up to you.

How to get Nucleus
card image

Any card at all

This module is useful for helping visitors make educated decisions. In this case, though, any card will do!


Except this card

Whatever you do, don't click on this card. I know we said we were giving you the choice, but trust us.

card image

Wider cards

These are really useful if you've got more to say, or want the accompanying images to be larger. 

card image

For bigger ideas

We've created enough modules to accommodate almost any content, but we're still adding more.

Full deck

Icon cards

Use this module to highlight anything bite-sized: product features, organisational values, your favourite canapés. It's available as a two, three and four column row layout, with fields for smaller icon images, rich text and CTAs.



Our core value is to do right by the customer, even if that means saying 'no'.


Friendly team

We guarantee you'll love working with us. Especially Jeff. Jeff's great.



Aligned with your goals, our targets are both ambitious and measurable.


Two column rich text and image

The 'zig zag' you know and love, with a left/right alignment toggle. Use this to break longer paragraphs into digestible chunks, and your site's visitors will thank you. There's space for an image to give weary readers a rest. 


The same thing, in reverse

.tser a sredaer yraew evig ot egami na rof ecaps s'erehT .uoy knaht lliw srotisiv s'etis ruoy dna ,sknuhc elbitsegid otni shpargarap regnol kaerb ot siht esU .elggot tnemngila thgir\tfel a htiw ,evol dna wonk uoy 'gaz giz' ehT


Rich text module

The workhorse of the website world.

We probably don't need to explain this ageless wonder, but if you've got a chunk of legal text, documentation or are writing a blog post, this is where you should put it. 

Nucleus' rich text module has a constrained width, and is configured as a centred column for increased readability. It supports all of the content you'd expect to use within a basic text editor. 


Button row

Make it easy for visitors to push your buttons. This repeater loop gives you the ability to add one to four static or CTA link buttons. Customise the colours to make them pop.

Pricing table

Get down to brass tacks with your visitors. A versatile pricing table including fields for: titles, subtitles, tags, icons, prices, price frequency, and CTAs. There's a repeater field for features if you've got a lot to show off. 



4.99 Per month

A brief introduction, explaining the benefits and features of this plan

  • 24 Hour online support
  • 24 Hour online support
  • 24 Hour online support
  • 24 Hour online support
  • 24 Hour online support
  • 24 Hour online support


Quote based per month

A brief introduction, explaining the benefits and features of this plan

  • 24 Hour online support
  • 24 Hour online support
  • 24 Hour online support
  • 24 Hour online support
  • 24 Hour online support
  • 24 Hour online support

Meet the team

Including fields to add an image, job title, name, and short bio, with the added ability to add social links and boost your online celebrity. Configurable as a two, three or four column layout. If you're a one-person team, include your dog. 




Writer, marketer, pilot, entrepreneur and computer games geek. Not necessarily in that order.


Head of Studio


Creative pragmatist, gourmet and juggler of many hobbies. Leader of the Nucleus team.


Senior Website Developer


Where code and design meet, there's Kyle, frowning. The development wizard behind Nucleus.


Website Designer


A creative wizard with a passion for coding, coffee and Japanese.


Specialist Marketing Copywriter


A marketing copywriter with a P.G. Wodehouse obsession and a generally artistic flair.


Senior Marketing Copywriter


Team leader, account manager, sugarglider mama and Terry Pratchett fan.

Video row

Two column video row

The contents in this module can be flipped for a more interesting, alternating layout. Includes a rich text field, video embed and optional button repeater field.

Video caption

Testimonial slider

A carousel with the option to add a portrait or logo, a quote, name and a title. A minimum of two reviews are required to use this module, but we won't tell if you make a few up.

I'll be honest - I thought Nucleus referred to something else. I do have a great website now, though!

Cellular Microbiologist

Working with Nucleus has been such a natural process. It really feels like it's at the core of everything I do.


I'm not sure what the other two are on about, but we used Nucleus to create a fantastic website for my managed services business.

CEO at CloudExperts

Stats cards

A two, three or four column module designed to highlight important figures. 


People that love Nucleus once they've tried it

"It's perfect!", customers often shout.


Say they'd recommend Nucleus to a friend

"We'd be lost without it", they report.


Reasons to use Nucleus for your next website project

We're just scratching the surface.

Two column rich
text with a form

A standard rich text module alongside a form
with the full range of HubSpot default form options.

Logo row

A multi column responsive logo row with a greyscale toggle to neutralise brand colours.